Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products Inc.

The Marine Supply, Rigging Inspection and Training Authority in the Southeast and Caribbean

Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products, Inc. is an independently owned and operated 70,000 square foot rigging shop based in Jacksonville, Florida. We have offices in Orlando, Tampa, Coconut Creek, and Savannah Georgia.

We supply Florida and the entire Southeast region of the United States with a full line of wire rope, nylon, chain, and hardware. We also design and manufacture larger custom lifting products.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Requirements

Customization is at the center of our business. Our clientele generally needs our solutions for the same applications, but the requirements vary per client. This is why we use a personal approach to suit your specific demands, and we make sure you get an individualized rigging or lifting solution to cover your needs.

We have all the necessary resources to tailor our products and services with excellence. With three presses in Jacksonville—one 1,000-ton and two 500-ton presses—we have the ability to make special lengths and configurations that you need.

With a high level of skill, coupled with the latest technologies and the finest materials, our specialists can efficiently and expertly fabricate your lifting products to your specifications. We have painstaking attention to detail to ensure your solution is done to perfection.

Extensive Industry Experience

Our unparalleled wealth of experience is what has made us the leading rigging company in Savannah. As an organization, we have been in the business for more than 40 years — a true testament that the quality of service we provide never wavered after many generations.

Our team’s vast collective background can handle your requests in an exceptional fashion. Whether big or small and no matter how complicated or challenging your requirements may be, no job is too ambitious for us.

Apart from our cutting-edge hardware and equipment, you can count on our proven expertise to train your staff about the ins and outs of the job. We’ll pass on to you our sound knowledge in handling rigging and lifting products safely and efficiently to keep your workplace hazards to a minimum.

Trusted Partner of the Top Brands

We stock a large inventory of products from industry-leading manufacturers in the country, such as Gunnebo Johnson, WireCo, and American. The Crosby Group, in particular, is one of our largest suppliers, and we stock a vast amount of their products ranging from cable clips and shackles to swivels and sockets.

We use our long-standing partnership with these premier suppliers to provide you nothing but the best solutions.

Safety Classes from Certified and Trained Experts

We understand that falls is one of the top causes of work-related injuries—and even death—which is why our certified experts here at Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products Inc. provide classes on fall safety in Savannah GA and more.

We also provide safety classes for load securement, crane safety, and fall protection in Savannah. These classes, trainings, and seminars, can protect employees from falling off overhead workstations and platforms, or into holes—ultimately preventing injury or death. Our training also brings companies in OSHA compliance and reduces liability.

Leave your requirements only in the hands of the leading rigging company in Savannah and the Southeast. We can get you the proper equipment—or even do the entire job for you. We can educate you on proper rigging and more. And no matter what your problem is, we can solve it.

All you have to do is call us at 1-800-521-WIRE (9473) for help, and we can even send one of our qualified technicians to your site for a free-of-charge consultation. We’ll be happy to be of service.


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