Our Guarantee

Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products, Inc.’s Personal Guarantee Is That We Carry The Highest Level Of “Product Liability Insurance”… Which We Have Never Had To Use!

Ask your current supplier if they have that. We sell and fabricate only quality products and we load test and certify our work. We’re not bragging, we’re just confident in our work.

As so bluntly and confidently put by the owner and CEO Bob Raulerson:
“Our guarantee is Quality! Quality! Quality”

It has been said that, “you know a person by the company that they keep”.

The companies that we keep are:

The Crosby Group

Gorbel, Inc.

Gunnebo Johnson

Cleveland Tramrail (patent track)

Columbus McKinnon

Harrington Hoists

All known for their commitment to Quality and excellence!

A few of the companies that we serve:

Lockheed Martin

Crowley Maritime

US Navy

US Army


Pratt Whittney

Walt Disney